VIL - innovatieplatform voor de logistieke sector

VIL aims to enhance the competitiveness of Flemish companies in the logistics sector by implementing sustainable and innovative concepts and technologies. Enabling Flanders to retain and strengthen its position as a top region for logistics in Europe. VIL is appointed by the Flemish government as the single point of contact for the logistics sector.

In the intercluster project Re2Live VIL cooperates with Sirris, SIM, VITO, Flux50 and VUB to research how companies in Flanders can respond to the opportunities of the growing market of lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. Recycling these batteries offers both challenges and opportunities for the Flemish industry and logistics sector.

Sirris - driving industry by technology

Sirris is the collective centre for and by the technological industry. We offer Belgian companies three key assets to help them remain innovative: years of experience and comprehensive expertise in a wide range of industries; high-tech testing infrastructure spread across the country; and an extensive network of partners. This way we help large and smaller players in Belgian industry make the right technological choices and achieve sustainable economic growth.

As more and more electric vehicles drive on our roads, more and more of these EV batteries will have to be disassembled for further use or recycling. For now it is still reasonable to do this disassembly manually, but soon it will not be feasible as the volume of end of life batteries increase. Sirris will have a look at the automation of this process, how much of the process can be automated, and its scalability. Exploring the technical, practical and safety aspects of such a process.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Research Group MOBI

The research centre MOBI of the VUB consists of a multidisciplinary team of about 100 researchers and is a leading research centre for electric vehicles in Belgium, with expertise in electric, hybrid, fuel cell and battery (including 2nd life) technology, environmental assessment of vehicle technologies, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, transport and logistics, safety and standardisation. MOBI includes a state-of-the-art battery test lab that collaborates with the entire Flemish, national and European value chain of battery. 


MOBI will assess the market potential of 2nd life batteries from electric vehicles in Flanders assessing their economic, environmental and technical feasibility.

VITO - vision on technology for a better world

VITO is a leading international research and service centre. It provides knowledge and technological innovations that facilitate the transition to a more sustainable
society. We do this in the field of energy, chemistry, materials, health technology and land use. We unite different parties in a sustainable value chain. By cooperation, expansion and development of expertise we can make smarter use of existing sustainable solutions and develop new technologies.


Within the Re2Live project VITO is responsible for the “Recycling” pillar, wherein it will create an overview of existing and innovative recycling processes for end-of-life lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles. Both the techno-economic feasibility and sustainability of these processes within the Flemish landscape will be evaluated to set up circular business cases for the growing battery recycling market in Flanders. 

Agoria - improving quality of life

Agoria paves the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium that improve our quality of life through the development and application of technological innovations. “Improving quality of life”, that’s our goal! From our specific position and using our know-how and network, we help create the context that reinforces the perfect match between ‘entrepreneurial ambition’ and ‘technology’, for the benefit of four elements that concern each of us: people, planet, society & industry.


 Agoria is involved as a subcontractor in the Re2Live project and provides support to the consortium for project management and dissemination activities and so the dissemination of the built-up collective knowledge to the interested companies. Furthermore, Agoria is responsible for the work package in which the different elements of the value chain are brought together (consolidation) and the overall business model is composed (circular economy models). 

SIM Flanders - Strategic Initiative Materials in Flanders

SIM Flanders is the Flemish spearhead cluster for innovative materials and has a supportive role in the Re2LiVe project.

Flux50 - Energising the Future

Flux50 is the membership organization that helps Flanders gain international recognition as a Smart Energy Region. Flux50 facilitates cross-sector collaboration between energy, IT and building companies to enhance the competitiveness of the Flemish smart energy industry in the transition towards low carbon systems.


Flux50 has a supportive role in the Re2LiVe project.